Department of Physics and Astronomy 2016-2017 Calendar

The department faculty meetings scheduled are the times at which we will certainly meet. It is possible that additional meetings will become necessary. In so far as possible, please keep the Friday 2:15-3:30 timeslot open in case an additional meeting is required.
Fall Semester
Friday   19 Faculty-Staff Picnic 5:00 - 8:00PM, Festival Center, Inside lower level and rear lawn.
Friday   26 Opening University faculty meeting Opening meetings for University 9:00-10:30 AM Festival Ballroom
      Opening College faculty meeting Opening meetings for College 11:00 AM room 1007, Bioscience Bldg.
Lunch served from 11:30-1:00
      Opening Department faculty meeting Opening meetings for Department.
2:00 in P&C 221. Photo will be made.
      Faculty meeting 2:00, P&C 2212
Photo will be made.
Monday   29 1st day of classes
Thursday   1 Nomination for T&P The PAC or Head may nominate a faculty member for T&P by this date
Friday   2 Executive Committee Meeting 2:15, P&C 2116
      Syllabi due Syllabi for all sections of all Fall Semester classes must be uploaded to the Scheduling software
Monday   5 Mid-year thesis report Seniors must submit a mid-year thesis report by this date
Thursday   15 Recommended T&P reviewer list T&P candidates should get this list of recommended reviewers to the Head by this date.
      T&P reviewers Candidates provide a list of potential external
reviewers and a pdf draft of their dossier to the Head and PAC.
      T&P reviewers Department head contacts potential external reviewers during
the next two weeks to determine who is willing and able.
Friday   16 Faculty meeting 2:15, P&C 2212
Sunday   18 Fall Picnic start: 11:00 AM
Wednesday   21 PAC evaluations to Head Ten days before the final evaluations are due to the faculty, the PAC should get its report to the Head
Friday   23 December graduation deadline Last day to submit an application for a Masters, Ed.S. or Doctoral degree if graduation requirements are to be met in December 2017.
Saturday   1 Annual Evaluation Written evaluation to the faculty by this date
      Application for T&P Faculty in the penultimate year of the probationary period must apply for tenure and submit an application to the Head and PAC
      T&P reviewers Department head provides external reviewers with candidate's dossier
Monday   03 Rosh Hashanah
Friday   7 Executive Committee Meeting 2:15, P&C 2116
Wednesday   12 Yom Kipper Begins at sundown on the evening before
Friday   14 1st block Ends
      Degree Application Degree application for May graduation to advisor
      Faculty meeting 2:15, P&C 2212
Saturday   15 T&P reviewers All external reviewer letter are in-hand
      Open House Academic interest fair 9-12 We need labs open in the morning for visitors.
Monday   17 2nd block Begins
Thursday   20 Mid-semester grades Due by 5:00 PM
      Honors Thesis Proposal Juniors submit proposal to department
Wednesday   26 1st block grades Due by 5:00 PM
Friday   28 Faculty meeting 2:15, P&C 2212
Tuesday   1 Nomination/Application deadlines Madison Scholar, Distinguished Service Award, Distinguished Teaching Award, Educational Leave
Friday   4 Executive Committee Meeting 2:15, P&C 2116
Monday   7 Spring registration begins
Thursday   10 Honors Thesis Proposal Thesis proposal to the Honors College
Friday   11 Faculty meeting 2:15, P&C 2212
Saturday   12 Open House Academic interest fair 9-12. We need labs open in the morning for visitors.
Tuesday   15 Degree Application Signed application to the registrar
      T&P recommendations From Head and PAC to the Dean
Thursday   17 Internal open house Phys 105 students visit with upperclassmen and faculty in department research laboratories.
Saturday   19 Thanksgiving Break Begins
Sunday   27 Thanksgiving Break Ends
Friday 9 Last day of classes
      Removal of "I" Grade Forms
      Department Holiday Party 2:15, P&C 2212
Thursday   15 T&P file to the PVPAA From Dean to P/VPAA.
Saturday   17 December Graduation 10:00 AM Convo Center
Monday   19 Semester and 2st block grades Due by 3:00 PM
Sunday   25 Hanukkah Begins



Spring Semester
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Sunday   1 Hanukkah Ends
Monday   9 1st day of classes
Tuesday   10 Faculty meeting 12:30, EnGeo
Friday   13 Syllabi due Syllabi for all sections of all Spring Semester classes must be uploaded to the Scheduling software
Monday   16 Martin Luther King Day No classes
Tuesday   17 Executive Committee Meeting 12:30
Friday   27 Initial Evaluation There is an initial evaluation of new faculty by the 3rd week of second full semester.
Saturday   28 APS April Meeting Begins - Washington, DC
Tuesday   31 APS April Meeting Ends
Wednesday   1 T&P notification Official notification of T&P from PVPAA to faculty, PAC and Head
      Initial draft of honors thesis Seniors must have the initial draft of their thesis to their advisor.
Tuesday   7 Assessment day No classes 8 AM - 4 PM
      Faculty meeting 12:30 EnGeo - Honors, scholarships and Sigma Pi Sigma inductees to be determined by this date
Tuesday   14 Executive Committee Meeting 12:30
Tuesday   28 3rd block End
Wednesday   1 Appeal of T&P decision Written appeals to Faculty Appeals Committee
Friday   3 Spring Symposium abstracts due Students should submit their abstracts for the spring symposium by this date.
Monday   6 Spring Break Begin. Counting weekends, we get March 8-16
Friday   10 Spring Break End
Monday   13 4th block Begin
      Faculty meeting 12:30, EnGeo
      APS March Meeting Begins - New Orleans, LA
Friday   17 James Madison Day
      APS March Meeting Ends
Saturday   18 Spring Symposium The department symposium will be held in the Ntelos room, 9:00 AM.
Symposium winners will be determined on following Monday.
Monday   20 Summer school registration
      Executive Committee Meeting 12:30
Saturday   1 Honors theses due Final draft to the department. Department will determine recommendations for thesis awards.
Monday   3 Fall Registration
Sunday   9 Spring Picnic Sunday, start at 11:00 AM
Monday   10 Honors thesis Thesis forwarded to Honors College
Tuesday   11 Passover Begins
      Faculty meeting 12:30, EnGeo
Sunday   16 Easter Catholic and Protestant Easter
      Easter Orthodox Easter
Tuesday   18 Passover Ends
Tuesday   25 Executive Committee Meeting 12:30
Thursday   27 Last day of classes Last day to remove an incomplete from Fall 2010.
Thursday   4 Graduation ceremonies Begin
Saturday   6 Graduation ceremonies End
Wednesday   10 Department Retreat Retreat location is the Montpelier Room in E-Hall
Monday   15 Annual Activites Report &
Anticipated Activities Report
Firm deadline. Can't start writing the Department Annual Report until all these are in hand. Forms located here.
Tuesday   4 Independence Day holiday No classes

Wednesday December 7, 2016